We offer a fair and complete warranty on all keys and physical items we offer. However, the terms of that warranty will depend on the work we have done on the vehicle. We do not offer any kind of warranty on labor-only services such as coding, lockouts or inspections.

Warranty A – Key Replacement

This warranty plan is for any complete keys we have sold (this includes case, blade, and electronics)

The key comes with a complete 12-month warranty, this includes defects that are not deemed as user error/fault.

However, there are liquid detectors present, upon inspection of the key if these detectors show the presence of liquid the warranty will be void. Damage is evaluated on inspection by a CDS Car Keys engineer, if the key has anything more than normal wear and tear this warranty is void.

Warranty B – Key Repairs

There are 2 parts to this warranty, electrical repair, and cosmetic repair. Both are covered by a 12-month warranty.

Warranty B.1 – Electrical Repairs

Repairs to the electronics are covered, but only to the parts and areas that we have repaired. Modern keys are very complex so there are many other points of failure that we have not touched. Therefore a general rule if the same problem reappears after we have fixed it, this will be covered as long as it is caused by the same issue. Any other issues will not be covered and a new job repair would need to take place.

Warranty B.2 – Cosmetic Repair

This includes services such as replacement blades, cases, and buttons. We offer the highest quality parts when repairs are done, however, in the event there is an issue with a repair we have completed we will repair the key again free of charge. However if there is any damage on the key that is deemed as not wear and tear, this warranty will be void, and a new job repair would need to take place.

Additional Notes:

  • Any services we offer are not covered by a warranty as no products are being supplied.
  • This Warranty is valid on any product as of 1st July 2021. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice.
  • A full receipt will be proof of warranty so please have this ready when we ask.
  • The warranty is always dependent on a CDS Car Keys engineer inspecting the key and deeming the issue not caused by the customer.
  • While we usually use good brand batteries such as Panasonic or similar, there is no warranty on any batteries we supply keys with.
  • The emblem/car badge present on most keys we supply is not covered by our warranty.
  • The location of the warranty work will take place where ever the original job was completed. If we came to you before we will come to you again, however, if you came to our workshop for the original job you would need to come back for any warranty job to be completed. Unfortunately if the issue stops the vehicle starting, the vehicle would need to be recovered/transported to where the original job was undertaken. This unfortunately would be at the owners cost.
  • If for whatever reason we are in doubt that the issue is covered by our warranty we may explain to you there is a call-out fee that would be payable if the issue with the key is not covered by the warranty, this will be explained at the time of booking.

We would like to note that when using or purchasing our products and services, you are accepting our policy, payment methods, and warranty documentation.

If you have any questions please give us a call: