Payment Methods

Here at CDS Car Keys we accept all major credit and debit cards. However, our preferred payment methods are cash or bank transfer. This is mainly because these payment methods are free and we give prices out assuming payment will be one of these methods! We understand that you receiving the most competitive price is important and this is the reason why.

If paying by card is your only possible payment method then this will incur a 2% fee to cover card handling costs.

We can handle all these payment types mobile or at the workshop.

If a booking fee has been requested you will have already been instructed about how to pay this. Most of the time this is not required but depending on a case-to-case situation there may be times when we request this in order to cover losses.

We also sometimes request call-out fees, this will need to be paid at the end of the job in the event we were not able to help, you will still need to pay this. However, this will be fully explained to you before we attend to ensure you fully understand. For normal key replacements, we do not charge a call-out fee, meaning if we cannot complete the job you have nothing to pay. But in the event certain issues are not key-related a call-out fee may need to be paid. Ultimately we have a fully trained and insured team that has been working with auto keys for years, and unless stated before, we will not charge a call-out fee if we cannot help.


We would like to note that when using or purchasing our products and services, you are accepting our policy, payment methods, and warranty documentation.

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