Our Policy

We try and provide the safest, fastest and most secure service we can. Therefore there are a few points to note with any product or service we offer:

  1. We reserve the right to walk away from a job or service if any of our team feel unsafe or uneasy. We do not tolerate any sort of violence or intimidation.
  2. We will check all documents and proof of ownership at the start of the job (where applicable) if any of these documents or vehicle identification numbers do not appear to be correct or altered, we will terminate the job.
  3. We need our vehicle to be near your vehicle. Please ensure you explain any access issues before we attend the job so we can make alterations accordingly.
  4. While we advertise to be a 24/7 service and 99% of the time we can up keep this promise. However, there is always times when staffing and administration problems come into play and sometimes we might have to limit the products and services we offer for a limited time.

We would like to note that when using or purchasing our products and services, you are accepting our policy, payment methods, and warranty documentation.

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