Most asked frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately we are unable to program/cut keys that you have sourced yourself. This is because often these keys are not at the standard or quality that we supply. Not only this but we have seen metal that damages our key cutting equipment. Therefore we will only cut and program keys that we have supplied.

Yes, We are fully trained and insured to work on your vehicle. Therefore you can rest easy that your vehicle is in safe hands with CDS Car Keys.

Here at CDS Car Keys we accept all major credit and debit cards. However, our preferred payment methods are cash or bank transfer. Please click on the support tab and payment methods for more information.

This is normally caused by a discharged key battery. 95% of keys use a replacable battery such as a CR2032. Some keys have a small LED light that flashes when button is pressed, see if this LED is illuminating, If not it may just need a battery change. Please ensure you use a good brand battery, as cheap batterys sometimes do not work at all or do not last long. However some keys do have a rechargable battery which unfortunately is not as easy to change. This battery should charge via the igntion when key is inserted but over time the battery fails. If you are not sure which type of battery your key has, please contact us as we can change either battery type.

While in certain makes and models this is the case, most vehicles have other issues for why they do not start. Please look out for immobiliser lights flashing these usually look like a key or a padlock or even sometimes just a flashing light! If there are no unknown lights or messages on the vehicle it is unlikely key programming will be the cause but please contact us for further advice.

Unfortunately in this case 99% of the time the key will be damaged beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Sometimes we have found that keys still work in the emergency position so this may be worth a go.

All keyless cars have a way to get into the vehicle without being able to press a button on your fob. You should find an emergency key blade in your key and an emergency lock on one of the doors (This sometimes is behind a cap or cover). Once you have entered the vehicle there will be a place to hold the key to allow you to start the vehicle.

Finally if your question has not been answered, please call us on: