Postal/Module Services

With the rising cost of living we understand that everyone wants to save money where possible. This is why we started offering these services where you do part of our job for us.


With certain brands and vehicles we can program keys directly to a module stored in the vehicle, in most of these cases we would have to attend your vehicle and remove this module, program the key directly too it and refit.


This means that it is possible for customers to remove there own modules, post them too us/bring them to our workshop and we can either program a key while you wait or post it back to you the next working key.


Not only this, if its the mechanical key that is causing you issues, if you send us the lock we can make a key for it or if you have a pre cut blade and just need a spare we can do this also! Please hover over the tab in the navigation bar to see if one of these services can help you!



Please call, use our online chat, or DM us to arrange anyone of our services. Please DO NOT just post the units, or just come to our workshop as we are not always there.

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